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Hi, my name is Abraham Asirpatham and I am currently a student at Niagara College in Ontario, Canada. About 2 years ago I was planning to move abroad for further education, when I chanced upon this agency through an invited seminar. After attending the seminar, I learned more about this agency and decided to give myself a chance with them. After some time, I learned about the various services Mk Migration offered and decided to seek their help to apply for my further education overseas. Throughout the process MK Migration staff, Mr Saran & Kristina were helpful and guided me through each step of the different process levels. They also often gave advice and checked back with me on the progress of my application.


I was able to get the help I needed from their staff, Mr Saran & Kristina, and it made things a lot easier for me while going through a lengthy process.  With the help of MK Migration, I was able to get my visa in a shorter period of time compared to not having the help of an agency. I was also given professional advice and help from a lawyer under this agency who guided me through each step and helped speed the process up a little quicker than normal. I sincerely want to thank MK Migration for the help they rendered and for making this process a smooth and successful one for me. I am thankful that because of them, I am now able to pursue my studies abroad.



With Thanks,

Abraham Asirpatham