Do you want Permanent Residency (PR) with a Low Score?

In recent years, obtaining a direct Permanent Residency (PR) visa or a Work Permit (WP) to PR visa has become more challenging and competitive. Under the Skilled Trades Certificate programs, immigration candidates with low scores are still receiving invitations to apply for PR.

Candidates who want to improve their scores and chances to become Permanent Residents may wish to consider our Skilled Trades Certificate programs, for either one country or multiple countries. This program also has an add on option for employer sponsorship. By gaining a  Skilled Trades Certificate and an Employer sponsorship, you will strengthen your immigration candidacy and gain extra points for applying to a federal, provincial, regional or state immigration program.

Program Overview:

Our Immigration Consultants are experts in various immigration programs including Skilled Trades programs in Australia, Canada & New Zealand. In supporting candidates, we offer support for finding the best country of choice, immigration preparation, unlimited English training support, skilled trades certification and employer sponsorship as well as assistance with your Permanent Residency application or WP to PR at the earliest possible time.

Our Consultants are well-versed in the latest trends, and immigration program offerings. Using our knowledge, we provide a tailored program that matches the requirements of each candidates in order to receive an approval of a Visa. After receiving your PR visa, we will help you find a job when needed in order to kick start your new life!


Program inclusive Benefits:

  • Preferred country of choice or a dual country application
  • Skilled Trade Certificate training to increase your score
  • Unlimited or limited English training
  • Immigration applications for federal, provincial, regional and state governments
  • Employer sponsorship before visa or a Job search after visa
  • All in one bundled package for a highly subsidized price.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. For the Canada Skilled Trade Certificate Program,
    • A Minimum IELTS score of Speaking: 5, Reading: 3.5, Writing: 4 and Listening: 5. However a 6.0 score in all skills is encouraged

    • At least two years of full-time experience in a skilled trade. This includes experience for technicians, supervisors, managers, engineers* or firm owners, within the last five years.

    • At least three years of Past technical hands-on experiences

  2. For the Australia Skilled Trade Certificate Program,

    • ​​A Minimum PTE score of 50 out of 90 (55%) in each skills or an IELTS score of 6.0 out of 9.0 (66%) in each band is encouraged.

    • At least two years of full-time experience in a skilled trade. This includes experience for technicians, supervisors, and some engineers* within the last five years.

    • At least three years of Past technical hands-on experience.


Click Here for the list of occupations that are Eligible


If you have not taken an English test such as IELTS or PTE as based on the requirements of your chosen program,  you will automatically be converted into our Employer Sponsorship Program (ESP) to apply for a direct PR or WP to PR.

The Skilled Trades Certification

Obtaining a Skilled Trades certification is prestigious for your Trade and allows a skilled worker to obtain a good-paying job anywhere in the world. Receiving a skilled trades certificate is equal to that of an Adv Diploma or Associate degree level qualification from a government body. All that is needed is a one day exam where you show your skills and experience. Contact us today to find out more about this option!

All Possible Options (APO) Programs

APO is our unique company program that allows you to gain a Permanent Resident (PR) or Work Permit (WP) Visa by considering all of the programs that will provide a positive result for your profile. Using this method, we will make sure that all paths are considered and tried, resulting in an almost 100% success rate. MK Migration has created one package that allows you to see the benefits of multiple pathways. Please see some of the specific programs below:

  1. Professionals Program  Click Here for Process Flow
  2. Skilled Technicians, and Supervisors Program  Click Here for Process Flow
  3. Skilled Trades Program  Click Here for Process Flow
  4. General Workers Program  Click Here for Process Flow
  5. Students and Jobs Program  Click Here for Process Flow
  6. Small Business Operators or Business Owners Program  Click Here for Process Flow

APO Benefits:

  • One or dual or triple country applications
  • Federal, Provincial, Regional and State applications
  • Free, Limited or Unlimited English training
  • Free or Membership Job Search before or after visa
  • Free School Search or Membership
  • All in one package at a highly subsidized price

Important Note:

1.   Australian Skills exams for most occupations can be taken with online tools from anywhere. Some occupations may require you to fly to your own country or a nearby country. We will provide assistance and advise you accordingly.

2.   Canadian Skills exams must be written in Canada and will require a tourist visa.  Obtaining a tourist visa will require you to have a sponsor that might be a Canadian & PR, a Singaporean & PR or any friends and relatives from any country. Those with high salaries may sponsor their own applications. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Skilled Trades Certification, then please book a free consultation with one of our consultants today. 

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