Do you want a direct Permanent Resident (PR) Visa?

In recent years, obtaining a direct Permanent Residency (PR) Visa has become more challenging, competitive and complicated. Under various programs, immigration candidates with the highest scores are those receiving invitations to apply for PR.

Candidates who want to improve their score and chances to become Permanent Residents may wish to consider our All Possible Option (APO) program, for either one country or a choice of dual countries. The APO program also has options for those with or without an employer sponsorship. Having an Employer will strengthen your immigration candidacy and provide you with extra points towards your federal, provincial,  regional or state immigration pathway.  

Program Overview:

Our Immigration Consultants are experts in various immigration programs involving APO in Australia, Canada & New Zealand. In supporting candidates, we offer support for finding the most suitable country for your profile, immigration application preparation, unlimited English training support and employer sponsorship support. We also provide assistance with helping you gain permanent residency at the earliest possible time.

Our Consultants are well-versed in the latest trends, and program offerings relating to immigration pathways. Using our knowledge, we provide a tailored program that matches the requirements of each candidates in order to receive an approval of a Visa. After receiving your visa, we will help you find a job in order to kick start your new life!

All Possible Options (APO) Programs

APO is our unique company program that allows you to gain a Permanent Resident (PR) or Work Permit (WP) Visa by considering all of the programs that will provide a positive result for your profile. Using this method, we will make sure that all paths are considered and tried, resulting in an almost 100% success rate. MK Migration has created one package that allows you to see the benefits of multiple pathways. Please see some of the specific programs below:

  1. Professionals Program  Click Here for Process Flow
  2. Skilled Technicians, and Supervisors Program  Click Here for Process Flow
  3. Skilled Trades Program  Click Here for Process Flow
  4. General Workers Program  Click Here for Process Flow
  5. Students and Jobs Program  Click Here for Process Flow
  6. Small Business Operators or Business Owners Program  Click Here for Process Flow

APO Benefits:

  • One or dual or triple country applications
  • Federal, Provincial, Regional and State applications
  • Free, Limited or Unlimited English training
  • Free or Membership Job Search before or after visa
  • Free School Search or Membership
  • All in one package at a highly subsidized price

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